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June 30th—July 6th 2019

This summer, a team from the VBCC Youth Group is going serve with Urban Discovery Ministries (UDM) and Empowering Youth 2 Serve (EY2S) at the CURT Center (named after Pastor Curt's grandfather!). We will hold discipleship as a central component of all of our activities by teaming up older and younger youth and through the guidance of the leadership at EY2S. This trip is for both high school and middle school students. All participants for the trip must fill out the below application. Before applying, be sure to read all the information on this page.

Learn more about Empowering Youth 2 Serve, led by Jeff Montgomery. Jeff established EY2S to empower church youth groups to serve inner-city families as a team while learning how to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Why Norfolk? Last year, a team from VBCC Youth went to Norfolk with EY2S. It was a wonderful experience of drawing closer to God through service. We cherish this opportunity to love our own communities and neighbors. Through mutual service to each other, the Youth also develop skills and habits of responsibility and servant leadership under Christ's lordship. This trip will also work toward VBCC's commitment to racial reconciliation under the headship of Christ. As this is our second year, we are developing a possible long-term partnership with EY2S in which our Youth can serve in the years to come.

What kinds of things will we do?

  • Work Projects - Projects will be to serve families in need in the community through a local church through acts such as painting projects, working in their yards, and working on their homes.

  • Running VBS – Our team will partner with a local church to run their VB program. This will include sports, crafts, Bible teaching, skits, games, songs, etc.

  • Evening teaching and debrief sessions with UDM and EY2S

  • Worshiping with the EY2S Team

  • Developing friendships with and praying for local community families

  • Fun Day - On the last day, we will do something fun like going to the Adventure Park and/or the beach!

  • Hard work will be a means for discipleship and growth for those who go. We will serve God and love others by doing lots of hard work!

Will we be safe? Yes! UDM and Empowering Youth 2 Serve have hosted many week-long mission teams like ours since July 2016 without any issues with safety. On our trip last year, we experienced no conditions which made us feel unsafe or posed a threat to any of our Youth.

Approximately $340 per person (including leaders).  Each team member will be required to send out at least 15 support letters to friends and family and to attend fundraisers for the trip.

Virginia Beach Community Chapel will provide transportation from the Chapel to the CURT Center, to the work projects, to the Adventure Park on the Fun Day, and back to the Chapel.

Arrive at the Chapel by 2:30 p.m. on June 30 so that we pray together, pack up, and head out by 3 p.m. Pick-up will be around 10:45 a.m. on July 6 at the Chapel.

The CURT Center is a fire station which has been converted into a facility for UDM. There are two floors. For sleeping, guys and girls will be split, guys downstairs and girls upstairs. There is a full bathroom on each floor.

Important Dates:

1/9 (Wednesday) Information Meeting: All interested students and their families are welcome to come. It will take place at the Chapel after Youth Group. Provided at this meeting will be our fundraising plan, all the required forms, relevant trip information, and an opportunity to ask questions. It will be brief!

2/13 (Wednesday) First Team Meeting: All members must attend, unless previously cleared with Pastor Curt for an emergency. It will be during the tail-end of Wednesday Night Youth Group, starting at 8:10. The meeting may run a few minutes past 8:30. This meeting will focus on fundraising, finances, and dates.

3/20 (Wednesday) Second Team Meeting: All members must attend, unless previously cleared with Pastor Curt for an emergency. It will be during the tail-end of Wednesday Night Youth Group, starting at 8:10. The meeting may run a few minutes past 8:30. This meeting will focus on logistics, preparation, and packing.

4/1 (Monday) Fundraising Due Date: Half of the cost ($170) must be in by this date.

4/23 (Tuesday) Fundraising Due Date: All of the cost ($340) must be in by this date.

6/30 (Sunday) Send-Off: Approximate send-off time will be posted shortly.

7/6 (Saturday) Return: Approximate return time will be posted shortly.

 TBD (Sunday) Chapel Commissioning: The entire Norfolk team will be presented for a commissioning during the second service at the Chapel.

TBD Team Dinner: The entire Norfolk team will meet together for dinner.



All applications will be reviewed by our Trip Leader Team.

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