This program is for disciples who are surrendered to Jesus and are committed to serving others in ministry. You will work directly with your Staff Mentor and others as you gain first-hand ministry experience, grow in your faith, study scripture, read books, lead others, and complete a Special Project. The Special Project is one tangible aspect of the ministry that you help build, such as helping to develop and schedule a teaching curriculum, planning and leading a service project, co-leading a Bible study, etc. This program will also include an assessment of spiritual gifts, feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and direction for vocation and calling.

Most internships are unpaid. However, hours and payment will be determined.

Usually, interns will serve 15-20 hours per week between mid-May and mid-August.

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i.e. How often do you meet, how well do they know you, etc.
Are you willing to serve faithfully under the direction of a Staff Mentor and other team leaders?
Serving requires a willingness to do seemingly insignificant, behind-the-scenes service tasks. Are you willing to serve in areas even if they seem menial?
This internship requires a commitment of 15-20 hours per week for about 3 months. Are you willing to make this commitment?