April 5th—7th

We are taking our Middle Schoolers back to Camp Willow Run for the MS Retreat! Camp Willow Run is an amazing Christian camp in Littleton, NC, right on Lake Gaston. 

$80 per student plus money for dinner on the way up.

*Contact Curt Kenney or Josh Smith with any questions.

For your child to be officially registered, please complete the following:

1) Make Payment to VBCC HERE.

2) Update your child's VBCC Medical Release Form for 2019 (We need a new one every year).

3) Print, fill out, and return the Camp Willow Run Medical Release form to the VBCC office. You may scan and email this form to lupe@vbcc.us as well. This form is available HERE.

Arrive at VBCC in the gym parking lot by 3:30 PM on Friday, April 5. We will be leaving shortly thereafter. We will stop for fast food dinner on the way there. We will get back to VBCC between 4:30—5PM on Sunday, April 7, and we will text parents when we're about an hour away. We will be using the Remind.com app. Contact Pastor Curt if you are not yet part of that group.

We will be taking the church van and one or two additional vehicles with drivers over the age of 25. Safety is a priority for us, so we will be sure to recruit safe drivers.

Packing List:

- Linens (twin-sized) and blanket (or sleeping bag)

- Spring-weather clothing (It may be warm during the day and cool at night.)

- Rain Jacket

- Hat

- Sun screen

- Sunglasses

- Pillow

- Towel

- Flip flops for showering

- Toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

- Tennis Shoes

- Bible

- Notepad/Journal and Pen

- Feel free to bring a snack to share for the car ride

- Bring cash for dinner on the way there

- Bring cash for snacks and souvenirs at the camp store (also accepts credit cards)

The Camp Requires That Students Not Bring:

- Fireworks or Firearms

- Electronic Devices (Cell phones are NOT allowed; all leaders will have a cell phone and parents may contact leader.)

- Swimsuits

- Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

- Skateboards