We are thrilled that you would like to serve with the VBCC Youth! Every August, team members will meet with the Youth Pastor for a two-way review and to prayerfully reassess commitment for the coming year. Here’s what we are asking of you for the coming year:

  • Spend time every day reading God’s Word and praying.

  • Serve at Youth Programs once per week. Based on your personal gifting, you might be asked to lead small groups, teach, lead games, set up, clean up, serve food, etc. We realize you may need to miss programs on occasion due to work, family emergencies, etc., but ask that you commit to at least 3 out of 4 weeks per month on average.

  • Disciple 3-5 Youth. This includes praying for them, communicating with them once per week, and attending one of their extracurricular activities per semester. It is critically important that our Youth can be connected to at least one adult in the church who cares for and disciples them!

  • Communicate regularly with the Youth Pastor, having the humility to give and receive feedback as well as encouragement. Display a spirit of willingness to serve when no one is looking.

  • Attend at least one major Youth Event per semester (lock-in, retreat, etc.).

  • Attend Youth Leader Team (YLT) meetings once every other month.

  • Meet with Youth Pastor once per year for 2-way review, feedback, and encouragement.

  • Actively look for a mentor (if you don't have one already) and meet regularly with them.


Application for the Youth Leader Team (Students)

Phone Number
Phone Number
It's okay if you don't have this figured out yet!
(i.e. How often do you meet, how well do they know you, etc.)
Are you willing to serve faithfully under the direction of the Youth Pastor and Youth Leader Team?
Serving youth requires a willingness to do seemingly insignificant, behind-the-scenes service tasks. Are you willing to serve even if your tasks seem menial?
Membership on this team requires a commitment. Read the description at the top of this Application Form. The duration of the commitment is 1 year. Are you willing to make this commitment?
The Youth Pastor will go over this commitment with you to address any questions or concerns.