The Gospel of Glory and Peace - Luke 2

• Do you like surprises? Share about the biggest surprise you’ve been a part of, either on the giving or the receiving end.

• Luke 2:9 is an example of what Robb called an ‘interrobang (‽) moment’, when people are filled with awe, fear, bewilderment, surprise, etc. Skim through Luke 1-2. What other interrobang moments does Luke record in these opening scenes? What might these moments foreshadow for readers about Jesus’ future ministry?

• What do you think is meant when the angels sing ‘glory to God in the highest’ (v14)? How does the shepherds’ response to the glory of God compare/contrast to the angels’? What does that imply about their relationship to God?

• Biblical peace (v14) is less about tranquility and more about wholeness. In your circles, or in your life, what robs people of peace? How does Jesus bring peace?

Clark HalsteadComment