Exodus 15:1-21 - The Song of the Sea

Read Exodus 15:1-12. The majority of Israel’s song of praise recalls God’s destructive judgment against Israel’s enemies, as does the reprise of verse 21. How might we apply this emphasis to our understanding of our own salvation? For clarification, see Eph. 6:10–13.

Read Exodus 15:13-17. How do the themes of these verses relate to the verses in the first half of the song?

Moses sets his trajectory for the future based on God’s faithfulness in the past. What does this look like for the Christian? What future hopes to we await? How can we be sure they are secured for us? (For help, see 1 Peter 1:3-9, but only if you need help!)

After describing Israel’s future entry into the Promised Land (15:13–17), the song ends by proclaiming God’s everlasting kingship (15:18). Why might the song connect these two themes? What does this suggest about the nature of God’s kingship?

Take some time together as a group to RECOUNT graces from this past year and REJOICE in them through prayer or singing. Then, share what you anticipate for 2019 and pray for one another.

  • Some questions adapted from EXODUS: A 12-WEEK STUDY by Matthew R. Newkirk