John 1:29 - The Lamb of God

  1. What do you love most about the Christmas season?  What do you find challenging?  

  2. Read Exodus 12:3–13.  These verses contain a series of instructions for Israel to follow in preparing the Passover lamb. Why do you think God didn’t simply pass over the Israelite houses automatically? 

  3. In Exodus 12:12, the Lord says Passover is a judgment ‘against all the gods of Egypt.’  What emotions might the Israelites have felt as they prepared for this highly unusual event, designed as an affront to Pharaoh’s authority and state religion?  

  4. Read Heb 2:14-15.  How does Jesus’ death relate to our experience of God’s power?

  5. In Exodus 12:13, the word translated ‘pass over’ can also be translated ‘hover/protect’.  Read John 16:6-7.  How does Jesus’ death relate to God’s remaining presence today?  

  6. In what way does promise/fulfillment framework of Exodus contribute to the Passover story?  To Jesus’ story?  Why do you think God chooses to work in a promise/fulfillment framework, where promises often take a very long time to come to fruition?

  7. Like Passover, Advent is a season of remembering God’s past work while also looking forward to promises yet to be fulfilled.  What promise are you most eager for Christ fulfill at his next coming?  

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