Exodus 1-2 - The God of "-ING"

Sermon Discussion Questions – Exodus 1-2

  1. Read Exodus 1:1-7, 8-14, and 15-22.  What obstacles do the Hebrews face in each section? Why does the narrator reiterate in each section that the people kept multiplying (vv 7, 12, 20)?

  2. How does the failure of Pharaoh’s plans to extinguish Israel encourage you as you look at what is happening in the world today?  

  3. Describe the seasons of Moses’ life in Exodus 2.  How are his personal experiences preparing him for the task God has for him in the future?  What does his experience tell us about God’s providence?

  4. Fear is an important theme in Exodus 1-2.  What does Pharaoh fear?  Midwives?  Moses?  What are some common ways we can obey fear rather than God?  In what ways are you being called to act in courageous obedience by trusting the promise, power, and presence of God?

Some questions used or adapted from Tim Chester’s Exodus For You: Thrilling you with the liberating love of God. The Good Book Company.