Exodus 11 - Purpose of the Plagues: The Heart of Worship

Split into 4 groups.  Each group examine one of the 4 passages below.  If you don’t have enough people for 4 teams, you can cover fewer passages or have each group cover multiple passages. 

  • 9:1-12

  • 9:13-35

  • 10:1-18

  • 10:21-29

For each passage, locate the following, then come back together and share with one another:

  • Purpose statements (“So that”, “in order that”, etc)

  • Judgements (plagues)

  • Examples of mercy in the midst of judgement

  • Evidence of Pharaoh’s heart condition

Most people think of Jesus as focusing on the heart in a revolutionary way, vs the OT pattern of rules and regulations. What do we make of this constant narrative about the heart, before the law is given?

A hardened heart is one that does not listen, and does not let go.  When do you think it is hardest for you to listen or let go?  If you have a family member present, ask them to check your answer!

How is God portrayed as supremely sovereign in Exodus 11:1–3? What does he control? How does this inform our understanding of our own salvation?

Hebrews 3 is a chapter encouraging Christians to be soft-hearted.  What truths and commands does the author of Hebrews give to help us fight against hardened-heart-syndrome?