John 1:29 - Behold

  1. This morning we watched a video of the invisible gorilla experiment,where the distraction of passing balls can keep viewers from noticing a gorilla walk into view.  In real life, what distractions most often keep us from being aware of life’s biggest, most important things?

  2. Read John 1:1-18, and mark any reference to light or seeing.  What does this passage have to say about spiritual sight as it pertains to Jesus?  To us?

  3. In John 1:5-12, the theme of Light is prevalent, but there is no reference to seeing.  What verbs does John use instead of ‘see’ to describe how people interact with the light of Christ?  What do these verbs tell us about what it means to ‘see’?

  4. John 1:19-34 is an account of John’s testimony.  According to v31, why did John come baptizing with water?

  5. In John 1:34, what did John do before bearing witness?  What would it look like for us to follow his example this advent season?  To whom might you bear witness if the Lord opens your eyes to new spiritual realities?

  6. End with a time of intercession and thanksgiving.  Consider singing a carol like “O Come All Ye Faithful”