Exodus 5-6 - Confrontation & Covenant

Sermon summary: Our greatest problems are oppression under “Pharaoh” and resulting doubt/not trusting God. Our solution is remembering and trusting the promises of God and the hope of the gospel.

1) What problems arose for the Israelites in chapter 5? 

2) How did the Israelites respond to this oppression and injustice?

3)  Can you relate to Moses and his response to what seems like God failing  his people?

4) When do the immediacy of your circumstances, your pain, or your burdens seem more real than God himself? In verse 4, Pharaoh says, “Get back to your burdens.” When do you feel the pressure to get back to your burdens?

5) Take a look at God’s response to Moses in chapter 6 beginning in verse 1. What stands out to you about God’s response? Why does he respond the way he does? 

6)  Which of the promises listed give you hope? Do you struggle with “amnesia of the heart?” 

7) Read Hebrews 11:24-27.  What connections do you see between Moses and Jesus? What kind of a shepherd is Moses? What kind of a shepherd do we have in Christ?

8) Read Matthew 11:28-30.  Spend some time praying that we would remember and trust God‘s promises and find freedom from our burdens in Christ. Pray also for non-believing neighbors who have been “born into slavery“ to find this freedom