Exodus 4 - Call & Response

Read Exodus 4:1-17

  1. What is Moses’ main protest in v1? Do you think it is a legitimate concern? In light of Exodus 3:18, what does 4:1 tell us about Moses’ faith?

  2. The Lord provides Moses with three sign miracles in Exodus 4:2-9.  How would you describe Moses’ response to the signs in v10?

  3. What causes you to doubt God’s promise, power & presence? Is there anything in this passage that can help you to counter those doubts?

Read 4:18-31

  1. Jethro is a source of safety and provision in Moses’ life.  What does their interaction in v18 tell you about Moses and how he understood his journey?

  2. Has God ever called you to leave a situation, person, place, or particular life pattern?  How did it make you feel to ‘cut the ropes’?  What was the result in your life?

  3. How does the last verse of Exodus 4 relate to the first?  What does it tell us about who God is?

  4.  How are you experiencing God’s call in this season of your life?  In what ways is God calling you ‘in’ right now?  In what ways is he calling you ‘out’? Spend some time praying for one another in the group.