Exodus 34 - Seeing is NOT believing

1. Read Exodus 34:1-7. Discuss the signs of mercy and judgment that can be seen. 

2. In verse 8 Moses bows his head and worships. Take a few minutes to shout out statements of gratitude for mercy and discipline God has granted in your life. 

3. Verse 7 explains the concept of blessings for 1,000 generations and judgment for three to four generations. Have you seen evidence of this is your family? Explain. 

4. How can this cycle of sin and negative consequences be broken? Give Bible references to support. 

5. Are you willing to take these difficult steps toward being a cycle-breaker?

6. God identifies Himself as abounding in loyal love (hesed) and faithfulness/truth (emet) for us. Discuss how these themes re-emerge throughout scripture. 


March 31 – Identify your group strategy and timeline for inviting neighbors to the Easter Egg Hunt &/or to a worship service at VBCC. (Printed invitations will be provided at your request and you may also want to post on neighborhood social media, community bulletin boards and/or newsletters.) Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the way and soften hearts before your neighbors even receive invitations to the Egg Hunt or worship services.

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