Exodus 40 - The Glory of the LORD Fills the Temple

  1. After the tabernacle is constructed, God commands Moses to anoint it “so that it may become holy” (40:9). Before this in Exodus, only one location has been described as holy: Mount Sinai (3:5; 19:23). Significantly, both of these verses describing God’s presence at Sinai emphasize the distance required between God and his people. However, through the tabernacle God brings his holy presence right into the midst of his people. In what ways does this foreshadow the gospel?

  2. After God’s glory cloud fills the tabernacle (40:34–35), the final verses of the book describe how God leads Israel throughout all their journeys (vv. 36–38). What might be considered a New Testament counterpart to this idea of God accompanying his people as they journey? (For help, see John 14:15–17.)

  3. At the end of Exodus, God’s glory has entered the midst of the people, but the people cannot enter the midst of God’s glory. It is hidden behind the curtain of the tabernacle. Review the verses from this morning’s sermon (below), and explain how each verse helps trace the story of God’s glory & presence among his people:

    • Exodus 40:35

    • 2 Chronicles 5:14

    • Ezekiel 11:21-23

    • Ezra 3:12

    • John 1:14

  4. As we have studied the book of Exodus, what has most challenged you or encouraged you? How has your understanding of God changed? Spend some time sharing and then offer prayers of thanksgiving for God’s work among us through the book of Exodus.

  • Some questions adapted from Matthew Newkirk’s Exodus: A 12-Week Study (Knowing the Bible) Crossway.

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