EXODUS 21-31 - The Details!

  1. God clarifies and contextualizes the 10 commandments in chapters 21-23. Scan over those chapters and discuss ways that the laws apply to our current culture.

  2. Read Exodus 24:3-8. Discuss the response of the people and the serious nature of the agreement.

  3. Read Exodus 26:26-37 just to get a glimpse of the details outlined for God’s dwelling place. What do these details express about God’s character?

  4. Read Exodus 29:38-46. This is just one excerpt on sacrificial laws to highlight what was necessary for the people to approach God. What emotions do you feel when you examine these details?

  5. Jesus fulfilled the details on your behalf. Is your response to thank Him and obey the law joyfully, or do you still feel the need to perform the law to earn God’s favor?

Discuss and pray with your group about whether you will host a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Pray for neighbors who may not yet be followers of Christ and ask God to guide you to know how and when you can shine a light in their world of darkness.

Zach HardisonComment