Fully Equipped - Ezekiel 36-37

1. Read Ezekiel 36:22–38. Discuss what God’s role will be in Israel’s restoration.

2. Locate the verses where God highlights the importance of His word in the equation. Find the verse where He promises to place His Spirit within Ezekiel.

3. Ezekiel 37:4-5 reinforce the importance of God’s word and His Spirit in the process of bringing the bones to life. Have you ever considered these as the two essentials for equipping believers for ministry?

4. In your own life and ministry, do you elevate other resources (money, your house, cars, etc.) in a way that hinders your reliance on the word and the Spirit? Discuss.

5. Jesus declared that we don’t live on bread alone but on God’s word. Are you feeding on the scripture in a regular fashion? If you were arrested and imprisoned for your faith today, would you be spiritually sustained by what you have taken in?

6. If you still have time, read Romans 8:1-11 as a benediction.